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Flexson Accessories for Sonos Beam

Available Now for pre-order
Flexson’s premium range of bespoke accessories for Sonos Beam make it easy to angle sound exactly where you need it, too. The Sonos Beam is compact enough to deliver incredible sound in many different rooms and positions; our range of accessories provide the functionality to maximise that flexibility. From bedroom to kitchen; living room to study, mount and tilt your Sonos Beam to suit.

Like all Flexson products, all our accessories for Sonos Beam are precision engineered in the UK, easy to fit and come with all the fixings you need.

2 colours available.
Black and white versions to match Sonos Beam.

Easy set up.
All fixings and tools are included in the kit.

Manufactured in the UK.
Aluminium and high-grade steel design - expertly made in the UK.