Model: 10384227

Floor Stand for ERA100 - Black

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The Flexson Floor Stand is built to hold your Sonos Era 100 speaker at the ideal listening height. When upright, this stand has room to accommodate both the power and network cable if required, with neat routing for both at the base. Additionally, this Flexson Floor Stand for the Sonos Era 100 comes with a power extension cable included, so you can position your speaker where you want it, even if that’s not directly near a mains power supply. Like all Flexson products, this Floor Stand for the Sonos Era 100 is precision engineered from steel and aluminium, and is quick and easy to assemble. Available in black and white finishes - to match the Sonos Era 100.

• Built at optimum listening height

• Quick and easy assembly

• Designed to colour match your Sonos speaker

• Integrated cable track for neat cable management

• Weighted base for enhanced stability

• Crafted specifically to support the Sonos Era 100 speaker

• Includes power extension cable - gives you extra reach to mains plug sockets

Technical specifications
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